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At Cascade Cart Solutions, we believe that sustainability drives innovation and growth across the three capitals that comprise the Triple Bottom Line - Social Capital, Environmental Capital and Financial Capital. Our parent company, Cascade Engineering Inc., was founded in 1973 with the belief that a business could be profitable as well as socially and environmentally responsible. Over the years, this philosophy of business has been transformed into a commitment to achieve a sustainable enterprise with specific financial, social and environmental goals.

As a Cascade Engineering company, Cascade Cart Solutions is part of one of the largest certified “B” corporations in the world. Cascade Engineering is a nationally recognized proponent of sustainable business practices that emphasize the key role business can play in building financial, social and environmental capital. Learn More...

Cascade realizes that our actions today impact the world of tomorrow, and - uniquely - as a privately held, family-owned company, we have a special opportunity to demonstrate this commitment in our daily work. Our annual TBL Report serves as a documenting mechanism for all sustainability efforts throughout our organization, and illustrates our achievements in this arena with examples of new products, business units and operational improvements. We welcome you to explore our progress toward the implementation of a sustainable strategy. Visit our Downloads page to review our Triple Bottom Line Reports since 2003.

Within Cascade Cart Solutions we have dedicated our business to sustainability in the following ways:

Recycled Content

Every cart shipped out of our facility contains recycled content. We incorporate recycled content into our products to reduce material consumption, working to create a closed loop system where products are recycled at the end of their useful life and made into something new. The use of recycled content in our carts is comprehensive, as we maximize the recycled content used without impacting the appearance or durability of the cart. In addition, we offer higher recycled content carts such as the EcoCart® and The Black Basic, specifically engineered to contain up to 100% recycled content.

Recycling Participation / Landfill Diversion

Every cart leaving our facility is a SmartCart®, equipped with an Xtreme RFID (radio frequency identification) tag, allowing you to incorporate technology into your operations whenever you are ready.  With the addition of our CapturIT® Onboard Systems, we are able to help you implement programs to increase recycling participation and landfill diversion rates – which are not only good for the environment but also good for your bottom line.

Cart Recovery & Recycling

We help companies and municipalities reduce their environmental footprint by recovering and recycling carts at the end of their useful life. We will recover any brand of HDPE injection molded carts or recycle bins to upcycle them into new products. Cascade is committed to this closed loop system and will work closely with your organization to take back containers in the most efficient way possible.

The Pink Cart™

We believe in building social capital with our customers and having a positive impact on communities everywhere. The Pink Cart program raises awareness and funds in the fight against breast cancer, allowing Cascade the opportunity to support and contribute to a cause that has affected millions of women and their loved ones. The Pink Cart program came about because of Cascade Cart Solutions’ Vice President and Pink Cart Creator, Jo-Anne Perkins’ personal experience of her mother’s journey with breast cancer and how it drove her to make a difference. Developed by Cascade Cart Solutions, The Pink Cart supports the American Cancer Society's® breast cancer awareness programs and the Canadian Cancer Society's® breast cancer research initiatives by contributing $5 for every cart sold.